www.techprotectorltd.com – site related to Antivirus Security Pro rogue

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This article explains the danger associated with the site called www.techprotectorltd.com. The reason why it is dangerous is because it is directly related to a rogue antispyware program called Antivirus Security Pro. If you have this scam on your PC you should avoid both the rogue and the site that promotes it.


www.techprotectorltd.com site tells many great things about the rogue called Antivirus Security Pro. In reality, as you know from the direct post about it, this program is extremely malicious because it reports many fake infections and tells users to buy its license to have them removed. We do hope that you will never act as instructed by this hoax. So, instead of trusting it please remove it with the help of our recommended security software.

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  1. Tina says:

    I am expierience with computers and I fell for this one I had to cancel my checking account and everything. Now my bank is filing a descrepecy with them. My bf had got a new computer, I just figured his trial for his antivirus was over so I thought I would be a good gf and I bought him the antivirus for $59.99 it did come out of my account. All I can say is to double check anything before purchasing it. Also when u call the toll free number it rings a foreigner aswers and hangs up.

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