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www.systemcare-antivirus.org – malicious site

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You might ask us why we consider the site www.systemcare-antivirus.org as malicious. The reason for such considerations on our part is because this site is directly associated with the rogue anti-spyware program called System Care Antivirus. In fact, this tool doesn’t care about your system at all. It only cares about fulfilling the commands given to it by the malware makers, the developers of this hoax. So, System Care Antivirus removal is the correct decision all users must make.

The site www.systemcare-antivirus.org sings many songs of praise to the rogue called System Care Antivirus. It will keep telling you what a wonderful program you’ve encountered. All such information is surely fake and must be ignored by you. Here is how the site actually looks like:


As you see, the very site indeed looks nice and even quite attractive. Yet, it is malicious because the program itself is a fake anti-spyware program. It gives many fake statements about all sorts of invented threats. Then it prompts users to purchasing the so-called licensed version of this scam, which is totally helpless when it comes to removal of real malwares. Hence, as you see, you should be extremely careful when you ever encounter this site. If the rogue brings you to this site, make sure not to buy the hoax, because the moment you do it is probably the moment when you’ve wasted the funds without return option. Yet, if you’ve bought this scam by mistake already, you still need to go to your good bank and dispute the charges immediately! Finally, please kindly follow the removal guide to delete System Care Antivirus from your computer.

System Care Antivirus removal guide:


Removal video:

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