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Windows Defence Master virus removal off your PC

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Windows Defence Master is a new scareware, also classified by many security blogs as a rogue antivirus program (fake AV). It claims to be some good anti-malware tool, whereas in reality this program is absolutely good for nothing. Nevertheless, it tries to make you think it is a legitimate one. The main goal of this program is to make you waste your money for its fake “ultimate protection”, which in reality doesn’t differ from the trial version of this hoax.

Windows Defence Master scam

Windows Defence Master belongs to the FakeVimes virus clan. There have been many other similar representatives of this hoax in the past. By the way, each specimen of this rogue doesn’t last for too long, just a couple of days, not more. So, most probably this Windows Defence Master scam will be replaced by another rogue with a different name in the nearest future.

Windows Defence Master has in mind to make you believe it may remove viruses from your PC. So, it runs the fake scan of your PC each time you turn your PC on. It will also report many fake infections at the end of such scan, telling you that you have no other option but to purchase this scam. In reality, all these detections are fake infections which don’t even dwell on your PC. Thus, buying this hoax is the total waste of your funds. We recommend you to ignore all scary warnings of this malware and follow the tips below that will help you remove this malware from your PC.

Removal tool for Windows Defence Master fake antivirus:

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Similar removal video:

Detailed removal instructions:

  1. In Windows Defence Master click “?” Menu button anc click “Register“.
  2. Paste this product key – 0W000-000B0-00T00-E0022, then click “Register“.
  3. Afer registration download GridinSoft Trojan Killer without any blockages on the part of the hoax, scan your computer with GridinSoft Trojan Killer and get rid of all threats identified by clicking “Apply” button upon the end of scan.
  4. Reboot your PC and repeat scan.

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