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Windows Antivirus Adviser removal guide

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As a rogue antimalware, Windows Antivirus Adviser is truly the master of brainwashing users with a lot of faulty and absolutely misleading information. You may hear a lot of reports from this hoax about thousands of threats supposedly detected by it in your computer. But think about another fact – how could this Windows Antivirus Adviser ever come into your PC?

Windows Antivirus Adviser

The truth is that Windows Antivirus Adviser is a virus which doesn’t use legal ways for entering into PCs. This is a malware actively spread in the world wide through various malicious links, spam emails, and other forms of intrusive methods. All of them aren’t legal, as well as the very fake AV called Windows Antivirus Adviser.

You may notice that this hoax is self-started when you turn your PC on. This rogue may and will imitate a fake scan of your computer, telling you about all sorts of viruses supposedly detected in it. This is the information you should not trust. Note that the main purpose of this hoax is not to help you make your PC clean, but rather to get money from you.

Sooner or later this Windows Antivirus Adviser scam will tell you to buy its registration (activation code) supposedly to remove those fake infections detected by it. Again and again, these are invented threats, and you need to remove Windows Antivirus Adviser as the main virus in your PC. Please follow this guide below that will help you to eliminate it automatically with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

Removal tool for Windows Antivirus Adviser fake antivirus:

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Similar removal video:

Detailed removal instructions:

  1. In Windows Antivirus Adviser click “?” Menu button anc click “Register“.
  2. Paste this product key – 0W000-000B0-00T00-E0021, then click “Register“.
  3. Afer registration download GridinSoft Trojan Killer without any blockages on the part of the hoax, scan your computer with GridinSoft Trojan Killer and get rid of all threats identified by clicking “Apply” button upon the end of scan.
  4. Reboot your PC and repeat scan.

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