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WinDealist adware – how to remove

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WinDealist is a stubborn and quite annoying adware application, responsible in particular for displaying a lot of popup windows with a lot of advertisements. Yet, the very adware utility is also malicious, being developed by the pack of cyber criminals and hackers. Use this guide to get rid of WinDealist and tons of disgusting popups brought by WinDealist.


WinDealist popups with tons of ads appear in particular after you visit some commercial web-sites like Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, etc. The adware gets very popular especially when Christmas is coming.

WinDealist adware comes into your computer as a consequence of you installing some other program which you downloaded online. Well, this was not a mistake. This was your personal decision. So, if you installed some freeware application recently and didn’t read its setup instructions carefully – this is most probably how this adware could enter your computer.

The purpose of WinDealist malware and all other similar application is simply to bring money to its owners through various ads displayed on many sites. No matter which sites you go to – these ads of WinDealist will be shown. And this fact is surely very annoying for users.

These WinDealist ads seriously slow down the work of your PC. So, if you encounter them on your screen – the wise thing would be to eliminate them immediately. For this aim we recommend you to follow this simple virus removal article.

Removal tool for WinDealist adware:

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