You could win an iPad – fake promise of adware programs

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You could win an iPad‘ is a very annoying pop-up related to the adware program installed and running on your computer. There’s a massive campaign on spreading all kinds of adware programs of similar origin running today. Many of them are related to these fake pop-ups that promise that you have a chance to win an iPad. Clicking these pop-ups is dangerous because your personal information might be stolen and used for all kinds of fraudulent purposes. These instructions will help you get rid of ‘You could win an iPad’ pop-ups.

You could win an iPad

We’ve seen many complaints from users on Yahoo Answers where people wonder why they see so many pop-up windows in their PCs that say ‘You could win an iPad’. They don’t know that in reality these pop-up windows are related to some sort of adware program running on their PC. Just as an example, this can be the adware from the same family as BetterSurf, or Webexp Enhanced.

In order to get rid of these many annoying pop-up windows that say ‘You could win an iPad’ you need to scan your PC with the help of a reliable security software. We recommend you to do it with GridinSoft Trojan Killer as explained below.

Removal tool for ‘You could win an iPad’ pop-ups:

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2 Responses

  1. Dave J says:

    OK so not very impressed so far; responded to your page saying your Trojan Killer would remove this “ipad” pop up nuisance – as per your webpage …

    paid R 447 (@ $ 45) for the privilege; ran the program today – followed all the instructions – and it’s still there.

    How can we fix this or do you want to refund me my money?

    Many tx.

    Dave J
    Cape Town RSA

  2. MB says:

    Hey, Dave J – they’re probably the one’s sending out the pop-ups. Hope you get your money back, but it’s unlikely… I’ve solved the problem by switching browsers from Internet Explorer to Firefox.

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