“Warning! Critical update” – scam!

“Warning! Critical update” is a popup coming up in your browser suddenly. It was specifically elaborated by the team of online hacker in order to install all kinds of adware programs (which are gaining more and more popularity among malware developers). Outwardly, this is an alert that claims your system requires certain critical update. Logically, it contains a special button that mentions “Install update”. Some users might believe this is indeed some necessary system update, whereas in reality clicking this button will make your system terribly infected.

Warning! Critical update

Here is what this scary alert states in particular:

Warning! Critical update!
The following important update is available for your computer. Install update.

Contrary to this command you should never perform these malicious instructions of it! Remember that once you do it you will be automatically redirected to a special malicious site which will install some serious adware into your PC, or even more dangerous kind of malware. It has been noticed that various types of adware applications were installed as a result of clicking this malicious “Update” button, such as CouponBuddy, CouponAmazing, etc. Furthermore, this thing also hijacks your browser with hijackers like Delta Search, Babylon Toolbars, etc. As a result, your system functions extremely slow. To sum up, you should ignore this alert and stay away from clicking it! Finally, scan your system with our recommended security software that will help you clean your system from all kinds of system threats.

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