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Video_hd.zip and video_hd.exe malware

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The files video_hd.zip and video_hd.exe may be extremely dangerous. They’re really threatening for your PC when you open and execute them. Why is it so? The reason is that they may bring ransomware virus infection into your computer. For example, Reveton and Urausy ransomwares are directly spread through links ending with video_hd.zip and video_hd.exe. Please be very careful when dealing with them as you browse the Internet.

There are plenty of links that end with video_hd.zip and video_hd.exe. With zip format, it is logical that user might open this archive, and there will be video_hd.exe file contained in it. Both opening the archive and executing the file is dangerous. As we’ve mentioned already, these files are associated with ransomware virus infections and may completely lock your computer. So, whenever you see them online at some sites that are malicious please ignore them completely and hurry up to scan your PC with our reliable antivirus program that will neutralize all threats on your computer.

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