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Untabs extension removal steps

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Untabs is listed as an adware program. This browser extension seems awesome and functional, yet in real, it only mislead users. It simply serves as a profitable program for cyber crooks.

Untabs holds plenty of unlikely traits. Through unlawful means, this can be installed into your system and perform some strange functions. In other words, it did not need consent from PC users when gaining access and doing some tasks within your computer. Among other tricky method used to deliver Untabs, this adware is often deployed through free software. It comes bundled along with free programs that users opt to download and install from the web.

Untabs disrupts and bothers your online surfing as soon as it hit your machine. You are most likely to encounter browser redirects and intrusive ads. Mind you that clicking ads from Untabs may take you to other web pages. Paid links and risky contents will ruin and harm your online surfing. Once you notice ads by Untabs, this may mean that your system is now unsafe. Cyber crooks can further exploit your machine if you let it running.

The real goal of Untabs adware is to endorse products and services online to gain profit. Thus, expect that ads will keep shows up while you surf online. Frequent redirects would not just disrupt your online surfing. But it would also lead to attract other malware and sorts of virus into your system. Getting rid of this adware is highly advised. This is to stop all strange functions, and to prevent further issues that Untabs may bring into your computer.

A simple removal tool for Untabs virus:

Untabs virus removal instructions

First, install GridinSoft Trojan Killer Portable on your computer.


Open the program and choose the type of scan you want to run (Recommended Full):

Trojan Killer Portable


Wait few minutes untill scanning process is over:

Trojan Killer Portable


Click on “Cure PC!” button to delete Untabs virus:

Trojan Killer Portable

STEP 4 (Optional)

Use the reset browser settings tool of Trojan Killer Portable. It will return your browser to a normal state in case of infection. Return to main screen and open Reset Browser menu:

Trojan Killer Portable

STEP 5 (Optional)

Choose the options you’d like to return to its default state and press Reset:

Trojan Killer Portable

We hope this simple removal guide and out tool helped you to deal with Untabs virus and removed it completely from your computer. If it didn’t, or if you have any questions you can leave a comment below or contact out Support team.

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