Uninstall Windows Essentials Pro 2013

Windows Essentials Pro 2013 is yet another rogue anti-malware program predestined to implement the malicious plots of its developers. The scam enters your system in quite a hidden manner and tricks users into buying its full version. But before this happens it first runs a fake scan of your system and reports the multitude of threats. All of them are fake, and must not be treated by you as serious. Whenever you see this application on your screen, make sure to eliminate this Trojan horse from your system immediately.

There are various ways how the hoax may enter your system. Whatever the case might be, the installation is carried out in a hidden manner, without letting user decide whether he/she wants to keep it or not. The program doesn’t come with uninstaller, and you cannot go to the Control Panel section to delete it.

The fake scans of Windows Essentials Pro 2013 last for several seconds only, however, it is launched without your approval each time you turn the PC on. What you should clearly understand is the fact that the scan and the subsequent virus report are both equally fake. So, removal of this scareware is the best decision you can make. Get rid of Windows Essentials Pro 2013 with the help of legitimate security software recommended in this blog.

Windows Essentials Pro 2013 removal guide:


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