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Uninstall golsearch.com (removal guide)

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Golsearch.com is a browser hijacker which is absolutely similar to searchgol.com. It doesn’t matter how you name the site -golsearch.com or searchgol.com – both of them are equally malicious because they take part in browser hijacking. This problem primarily occurs with browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Golsearch.com browser hijacker

It has become a tradition for malware developers to elaborate browser hijackers lately. It seems that they are going to replace rogue security programs industry. Obviously, this earns pretty good money for the owners of golsearch.com, since they get big bucks for displaying these various online ads on behalf of different companies that promote their services and commodities.

The problem with golsearch.com is that it comes bundled with other programs primarily distributed for free. Sometimes users fail to notice this fact during the installation process, and this is why they’re so much surprised to encounter golsearch.com becoming the home page of their browser and its default search engine.

We understand what it really is for you to experience the issue of search engine redirection through golsearch.com. So, we’ve come with a solution that will help you fix this serious issue with your computer and its browser. Please follow the guidelines set forth below to fix this problem automatically.

Removal tool for golsearch.com hijacker:

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