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Uninstall Deal Finder adware and get rid of ‘See Similar’ offers

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Deal Finder is a special program classified in our security blog as adware. This utility comes into PCs with user’s direct participation. In most of the cases this occurs as a result of user downloading some free application online, installing it by default. The trick, however, is that such default installation also offers installation of all kinds of extras, and Deal Finder program and its ‘See Similar‘ button are such extras which are installed by default.

Deal Finder adware

User’s failure to read the instructions of the Setup wizard of such freeware applications often results in occurrence of many unpleasant and really unwanted utilites like Deal Finder on their PCs. The purpose of Deal Finder adware is, of course, to generate traffic and divert it to many products and services advertised via it. Whenever users visit some commercial sites like Amazon, Walmart and many others they would encounter these annoying Deal Finder ads popping up. When they look for some product via these sites and find them a special “See Similar” button will come up, originated by Deal Finder adware.

To cut the long story short, Deal Finder isn’t a malware, but surely it has all parameters to be classified as adware. Users should be careful not to install all kinds of unwanted extras, such as this particular utility, and many other useless programs. They simply need to uncheck their default drive-by installation. Finally, if your PC has already been attacked by this adware, please follow the removal guidelines below to get rid of it.

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