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syscaresoft.com – malicious domain to beware of

System Care Antivirus is a rogue that has the only goal – to deceive users and to prompt them into wasting their funds for nothing good. It has a malicious site that promotes it called syscaresoft.com. This site is dangerous because it hunts for your money, without giving anything back. …

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www.syscare-antivirus.org – dangerous site of System Care Antivirus scam

www.syscare-antivirus.org is another site associated with the rogue security program called System Care Antivirus. The previous site www.systemcare-antivirus.org has been shut down recently. Probably the hosting company realized that it actually rendered services to a rogue developers. Anyway, www.syscare-antivirus.org came to replace this previous malicious site, remaining malicious as well. …

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