How to stop btdefender.exe virus process on your computer

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Btdefender.exe fake anti-malware device brings no comfort until user completely wipes it off the infected machine. Regretfully, this rogue does not have any barriers to enter the computer. In the majority of the cases the reason why the malware program entered the computer was largely because of poor security level of user’s machine, even in spite of the fact that legitimate anti-virus was already installed. The point is that sometimes even the world’s largest and most powerful anti-viruses cannot keep up with ever-increasing malware tendencies of today. Their anti-virus databases might not be timely updated, thus allowing various infections to come in. Most probably this is exactly how btdefender.exe resided on your computer. What matters for us is not to find out how it entered your system but rather how to get rid of this fake anti-trojan application.

Internet Security Plus

First thing you must realize about btdefender.exe is that nothing it tells you should be trusted. The rogue will keep bombarding you with plenty of fictitious information about viruses, malwares and other threats that attacked your computer. No doubt, this is quite scary portion of facts, but nothing it tells you is of the truth. So, ignore the fake security warnings and notifications of this program. Do not buy it. Doing so is a serious mistake on your part. Get ready to delete this program with the reliable anti-virus called GridinSoft Trojan Killer as described below.

Internet Security removal steps:

  • Terminate the virus process by following this guide.
  • Once the malware process is killed (terminated) you may use your browser to download GridinSoft Trojan Killer for virus removal.

Internet Security system modifications:

Internet Security system process(es):


Internet Security file(s) added:

%desktop%Internet Security.lnk

Internet Security registry entry (entries) added:

HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunInternet Security

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