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Smart Guard Protection (removal instructions)

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Smart Guard Protection is a fake antivirus program that comes to PCs illegally. This occurs via direct participation of Trojan horses that implant into the system these malicious codes, files and registry entries associated with this malware. Once inside the rogue amends the system settings of your computer in order to be self-launched with every system startup. It runs a fake system scan and reports millions of fake infections to scare users into buying it. Use this guide to remove Smart Guard Protection fake anti-spyware.

Smart Guard Protection rogue antivirus

There are many fake security warnings, notifications, alerts and popups of Smart Guard Protection virus. This is a fake anti-spyware program that has in mind to trick user into thinking that his/her PC is in a dangerous condition. While it is running it displays the multitude of untrue facts about the poor security status of your computer and its security protection mechanisms. Without a doubt, this is a fake information that has nothing to do with the real firewall available and running on your system. So, please be careful not to trust any faulty data presented by this scam.

In addition to fake alerts by Smart Guard Protection, there are many other faulty and deceptive statements presented by this hoax. All of them have the intention to make users believe their system is in a real dangerous state. Then the hoax will offer users to buy its fake and helpless license (activation code) as a supposed solution to removal of all fake threats. However, keep in mind that doing so is a serious mistake, because this application is totally useless and helpless.

Removal of Smart Guard Protection and its numerous fake alerts is possible if you choose the powerful anti-malware application that can eradicate and neutralize this scam. We recommend you to pay attention to the guidelines mentioned below.

Smart Guard Protection removal milestones:

  • Open “My Computer” (Windows Explorer).
  • In the address field insert http://gridinsoft.com/downloads/explorer.exe and hit “Enter” key.
  • Save “explorer.exe” to your Desktop or elsewhere.
  • Run “explorer.exe“.
  • In the empty field type “Guard” and click “Scan“.
  • Give your permission to kill the process of Smart Guard Protection process.
  • Download GridinSoft Trojan Killer.
  • Install it and scan your PC with the program.
  • Remove all infections found.

Removal tool for Smart Guard Protection fake antivirus:

Download now

Associated files:

%Desktop%Smart Guard Protection support.url
%Desktop%Smart Guard Protection.lnk
%Programs%Smart Guard ProtectionSmart Guard Protection support.url
%Programs%Smart Guard ProtectionSmart Guard Protection.lnk

Associated registry entries:

HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunAS2014 %CommonAppData%[rnd][rnd].exe
HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonUserinit “C:WINDOWSsystem32userinit.exe,,%CommonAppData%[rnd][rnd].exe -sm,”

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  1. Smart Guard was disabled (until next reboot) but even after downloading the “kill” file, it would not let it run.

    PLEASE advise how to get this junk program off of the PC. It was obviously hacked (Facebook) and now I had to borrow someone else’s PC to write to you. By the way, the PC affected is a company one so I need help asap. PLEASE call 410-441-0523 anytime 1-3-14 or 1-4-13 in the a.m (EST).

    I cannot figure out any other way to rid the machine of this junk software, it keeps insisting that I buy and I cannot even if I wanted to do so.

    • Hi. I launched the computer in the safe mode. Then clicked start. In the search box I enetered Smart. The search found the program – right clik: open file location: I simply erased the files and then restared my laptop in the normal windows mode. Seems to work


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