The site you are attempting to view may harm your computer – fake alert!

It has become evident that Antivirus Security Pro, the rogue antspyware that is not attacking many PCs, is updated on a regular basis by hackers. They add all kinds of blockages to make it really impossible for users to remove it. For example, when users try to download some antivirus program that could help them delete this hoax, the following message comes up:

Warning! The site you are attempting to view may harm your computer! You current security settings put your computer at risk!
Activate Antivirus Security Pro and enable safe web surfing (recommended). Ignore warnings and visit that site is the current state (not recommended)”

Our recommendation for you is to surely ignore this warning and not purchase this scam, which is called Antivirus Security Pro. Doing so is a serious mistake, because this is an absolutely useless program that cannot defend your system. Secondly, these hackers who are the owners of this scam will never ever refund your money. If you are currently experiencing difficulties download reliable anti-malware program for removal of Antivirus Security Pro hoax, please carefully follow these guidelines below.

The site you are attempting to view may harm your computer

How to stop Antivirus Security Pro rogue process:

  1. Click “Start” and select “My Computer“, or use Win+E hotkey command to open Windows Explorer.
  2. In the address line type this text:, and then click “Enter“.
  3. Save the utility “explorer.exe” to your Desktop.
  4. Run “explorer.exe” from Desktop.
  5. In the empty field type the text Antivirus Security.
  6. Click “Scan“.
  7. Give your permission to kill the process of Antivirus Security Pro virus (once the utility finds it).
  8. Warning! The rogue Antivirus Security Pro has not yet been removed. You’ve just stopped its process. Now you need to scan your PC with reliable antivirus program we recommend below.

Removal video:

Examples of fake security alerts and warnings reported by Antivirus Security Pro scam:

Warning! Infected file detected
Location: File System
Suspicious activity detected in the application cmd.exe to the behavior of the virus Win32/Conficker.X. For your security and to avoid loss of data, the operation of application cmd.exe has been temporarily restricted.

Warning! Network attack attempt detected.
We strongly recommend activating full edition of Antivirus Security Pro for repairing threats.

Warning! Network attack attempt detected.
To keep the computer safe, the threat must be blocked.

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