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How to set up Windows Remote Assistance in Windows 7 / Vista / XP

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In some cases users experience certain problems while using their computers for various purposes. If this is the case then you may seek assistance from your relatives or friends.

Windows offers a tool that makes it possible. This utility is called Windows Remote Assistance – the feature that allows you to invite certain person to connect to your PC and assist you, even if that person is quite far away from you.

With that said, please be advised of importance to choose only those who you really trust. Remember that such person will thus gain access to your files and private data.

How to establish Windows Remote Assistance in Windows 7 / Vista?

  1. Click “Start“, then go to “All Programs“.
  2. Go to “Maintenance” tab.
  3. Select “Windows Remote Assistance“.
  4. Make sure that you follow all the necessary instructions as explained by the program. You will have to select whether you want to render assistance to your friend, or to ask your friend to assist you.

Asking for assistance

  • Click “Invite someone you trust to help you“. Your helper can view your screen and share control of your computer.
  • Choose the option “Save this invitation as a file“. You can send this invitation as an attachment if you use web-based email.
  • Save the file to your desktop or other preferred location.
  • You will get the following notification:
  • Send this file to your helper and tell him/her the password that will be shown in the above-mentioned notification.
  • Wait until the helper connects to your machine.

Rendering assistance

  • Click “Help someone who has invited you“. This is how you respond to a request for assistance from another person.
  • Receive the email with the invitation file from the person who asks you to help.
  • Choose the option “Use an invitation file“.
  • Open the file that was sent to you.
  • Indicate the password that was sent by the person who asked for assistance.

As an option, you may use the feature called “Easy Connect” as an alternative to the above-mentioned procedure.

How to establish Windows Remote Assistance in Windows XP?

Setting up Remote Assistance in Windows XP is different from that in Windows Vista/ Windows 7. However, the very principle of this procedure is just the same. Below please find the information how remote assistance (access) can be initiated for us to assist you in malware removal.

  1. Right-click “My Computer” on your desktop, choose “Properties“. Then go to “Remote” tab as depicted below.
  2. Check the box “Allow Remote Assistance Invitations to be sent from this computer“.
  3. Click “Advanced” menu.
  4. Check the box “Allow this computer to be controlled remotely“. Otherwise the person who you invited will only be able to see your desktop and write some pieces of advise on what you should do.
  5. Now it’s time to tune up your Windows Firewall. When you use the standard firewall that is built into Windows XP, then go to “Control Panel“, find “Windows Firewall” option. Then in “Exceptions” tab make sure that you allow “Remote Assistance” or “Remote Desktop“.
  6. Now it’s time to call for a helper. For this purpose click “Start” and go to “Help and Support“.
  7. Click “Support” tab, and then choose the option “Ask a friend to help“. Go ahead and invite someone you trust to help you. Using an Internet connection, anyone running Windows XP can chat with you, view your screen, and with your permission, work on your computer. For this purpose click “Invite someone to help you“.
  8. In the bottom part of the window that came up choose the option “Save invitation as a file (Advanced)“.
  9. Specify the necessary information as shown below.
  10. Set up the password for this file and click “Save Invitation“. It will be saved to the destination that you will instruct.
  11. Send this file to us via ticket support system or by email. We will then open the invitation in order to start the Remote Assistance session. We will need to know the password that you set for this file for us to connect to your system. If you are connected to the Internet and your invitation is accepted, you will be notified that we’re ready to connect to your computer.


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