– fraudulent web-site is a hazardous site associated with System Repair virus. However, there’s one peculiarity. This site, in fact, doesn’t exist. Yet, its imitation (the imitation of its name) is widely used in the payment processing interface of System Repair malware. You need to be careful not to specify any financial information in the fields that you see when “visiting” this page. System Repair rogue tries to collect money from deceived and tricked users for the totally useless services “offered” by it. For your information here is how this fraudulent site looks like:

You have to be very careful when you see this page or the program called System Repair. From our previous post you probably know that this is a fake hard drive defragmenter that plans to steal your money. First it runs the fake scan of your computer and then reports many fake and unreal bugs and errors. Then it asks for the money to be paid for its activation key to fix them all. The thing is that such errors aren’t real for your system. What is real is the issue of hidden files, but this problem is 100% caused by this scam. In order to delete it and fix your computer please follow this removal guide –

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