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Remove Web Surf Shield warning (browser alert)

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Web Surf Shield is a special alert that comes up in major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, this same popup may come up in other browsers. Here is what it says in particular:

Access to this page has been temporarily blocked. Please take time to download our web shield update below. You can continue accessing this site after installing this update. Thank you.

Because of this malware, its presence on your computer users cannot open many sites online. This is a form of a browser redirection, even though it doesn’t amend the URLs. Once clicking this alert user is redirected to another page where user is asked to take a survey.

Today many users can’t get rid of this Web Surf Shield alert. Even after they clear the browser cache and cookies, or delete anything suspicious, the problem persists. All attempts to block often are vain. Even if user tries using other browsers, the same popup takes place. In order to get rid of it we recommend you to scan your PC with GridinSoft Trojan Killer for malware detection and removal.

Web Surf Shield warning

Malware removal tool:

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