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If you ever happen to install some applications easily downloadable online (either freeware or shareware) please be extremely careful while doing this. The point is that many of such programs have their installers bundled with many other applications that aren’t really worthy of being installed. This is the exact case when it comes to Such browser hijacker is brought to computers in many cases without user’s desire. Yet, they do participate in its installation process because of their failure to be attentive in times they do need to be very careful.

Let’s say, one sunny Spring day you sit in front of your computer and browse the Internet. Suddenly you see a really interesting program that can be easily downloaded online, so you immediately click the “Download” button. As soon as the download is over, you hurry up to install the application right away. You’re so excited to see how this program works that you don’t read the install instructions carefully, clicking “Next” and “Next” all the time. That’s where the dog it dug! – the Russians say. You can “smell rat”, because soon you will discover that you’ve actually installed many other things which you didn’t intend to bring into your PC initially. As a result, you have Tuvaro as the default search page of your browser, which is now being permanently redirected via Tuvaro web site. The chances are that you will also have a lot of other unwanted stuff.

To summarize the above-said information, please be extremely careful whenever you install anything into your computer. Always opt for the custom installation, instead of the standard one. Make sure that you remove all other unwanted stuff, and install only the programs that are clean and don’t cause any other unauthorized installations. Finally, to remove Tuvaro off your browser, please follow the tips below. removal guide:

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