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Many browsers today are infected with a virus called Triple Search. The problem of browsers being regularly redirected through other sites is not something new. This issue has been on the lips of many active computer users throughout many years, and it seems like the trend of search engine redirection problem has an ever-increasing feature. Every year there are more and more computer systems that are experiencing such severe issues. Needless to mention, observing your search inquiries being randomly diverted through another unwanted web pages is indeed very annoying. Furthermore, it is even more annoying when the redirected page doesn’t give you anything similar to what you are in search for. This guide will help you remove malware from your computer.

Hackers have invented this way of redirecting search results through virus which doesn’t really render relevant search results. Sometimes the Trojan horse that is in charge of browser redirection promotes certain product of service, and the authors of redirect Trojan obtain high commissions for such redirections. It is indeed a challenge to effectively get rid of this Trojan horse that redirect your search queries, but for this purpose you need to select the proper security solution that will effectively neutralize the source of the redirection.

It is nevertheless worth mentioning that the mere running of some powerful security software might not be enough to completely fix the issue of search engine redirection through hijacker. There are certain manual steps that all users should undertake in order to set their computers free of this problem. One thing you should understand correctly is that the reason why your browser is being redirected to other random and unwanted sites is the presence of malware on your system. When you fail to react on a timely basis in order to resist the problem of search engine redirection, there are high chances that your computer might sooner or later be infected with even more severe cyber infections, like ransomwares or rogue security programs. Hence, it is a must-do thing to immediately take all the necessary actions stipulated below that will help you eradicate the source of the problem at its root, so that your system would be completely restored back to the fully-functional mode. Please follow the guide below that will help you get rid of Triple Search from your infected browsers automatically.

Removal tool for Triple Search browser hijacker:

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Detailed instructions to reset your browser settings with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer and remove from your browsers:

  • Scan your PC with the program and click “Apply” at the end of scan.
  • Shut down all your infected browsers.
  • In Trojan Killer’s window click “Tools” and select “Reset browser settings“.
  • Tool to reset browser settings

  • Give your permission for the program to reset the settings of your browser.
  • Confirmation to reset browser settings

  • You will see the following confirmation of browsers reset by Trojan Killer.
  • Reset browser settings - completed!

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