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How to Remove Tprdpw64.exe Virus

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Tprdpw64.exe is a dangerous executable. If you didn’t know it already, this thing is associated with malware. And, not just any type of malware. Trojan horses are among the biggest threats online. In fact, some PC users even go so far as to say that’s the most problematic parasite in general. The dubious Tprdpw64.exe is connected to a Trojan horse named Homepage Defender. You see, these infections are not only sneaky. They are also immensely dangerous. Anyone who’s ever had to deal with their manipulations and tricks knows what we are talking about. Do you have previous experience with these infections? No? Then make sure you check out our article as well as the removal guide down below. You need to be informed about the giant threat Tprdpw64.exe poses. First of all, you probably noticed some changes in your default PC settings. It goes without saying the virus never bothered to ask for permission, though. This thing makes numerous completely unauthorized modifications. Your consent is irrelevant.

Now that your device is compromised with Tprdpw64.exe, your own preferences and opinions no longer matter. As upsetting as it is, Tprdpw64.exe’s shenanigans don’t stop here. Trojan messes with your system registry. They modify some important system files. Furthermore, Trojans might damage them. You might end up unable to run programs or open files. The long list of malicious traits exhibited by Tprdpw64.exe doesn’t stop here. The parasite serves as a back door to other infections, usually ransomware. Thanks to this intruder, your device may fall victim to a vicious file-encrypting program. In addition, you should know that all your personal data is being spied on. We’re talking passwords, usernames, IP addresses, email addresses, search queries. Even your browsing history gets diligently monitored and sent to cyber criminals. It goes without saying how dangerous that is, right? Before you know it, hackers will sell your details to third-parties with unknown intentions. Your privacy is now seriously jeopardized. On top of that, Trojans could cause an even greater hassle if they spend enough time on board. Hackers may get remote control over your device. This terrifying scenario must be prevented at all cost so don’t be gullible. The virus isn’t going to remove itself. That’s your job.

The most effective distribution method involves spam emails. Ironically, this is also the oldest technique out there. As you can see, hackers have no reason to give it up anytime soon. They often send malware straight to your inbox. Hence, if you’re gullible enough to open it, you end up installing the virus yourself. Yes, it’s that easy. Stay away from spam email-attachments as they are usually corrupted. Same thing goes for your profile in social networks. When you receive a random message from some unknown sender, that might be malware. Delete it on the spot in order to prevent virus infiltration. Other popular techniques are freeware and shareware bundles. Remember, these are not just convenient ways for you to download programs at once. They are also ways to compromise your computer. Check out the software you’re about to install thoroughly. Also, stay away from illegitimate websites/torrents and unverified program bundles. More often than not, these are harmful. Last but not least, Trojans might pretend to be software updates so keep that in in mind too.

The Tprdpw64.exe Virus must be tackled as soon as possible. The more time you waste procrastinating, the worse your situation becomes. Then why hesitate? You have an incredibly stealthy, tricky, secretive infection on board. Do not underestimate the threat this poses to both your safety and privacy. As mentioned, the parasite makes modifications in your browsers. Their default settings get constantly modified. You might get to witness irritating pop-ups ads or some product commercials and offers. Stay away from those as they are unreliable. In addition, your homepage/search engine may get changed as well. You could be redirected to dangerous, unknown websites full of malware. To top it all, your sensitive information is no longer safe. The parasite mainly collects browsing-related data. However, if you’re especially unlucky, it will steal personally identifiable data as well. That could end very badly for you and you know it. To delete this infection, please follow our detailed manual removal guide down below.

A simple removal tool for Tprdpw64.exe virus:

Tprdpw64.exe virus removal instructions

First, install GridinSoft Trojan Killer Portable on your computer.


Open the program and choose the type of scan you want to run (Recommended Full):

Trojan Killer Portable


Wait a few minutes until scanning process is over:

Trojan Killer Portable


Click on “Cure PC!” button to delete Tprdpw64.exe virus:

Trojan Killer Portable

STEP 4 (Optional)

Use the reset browser settings tool of Trojan Killer Portable. The video below will show you how to remove browser infection completely.

Trojan Killer Portable
Trojan Killer Portable

This video will show you how to remove Tprdpw64.exe virus easily from your computer:

We hope this simple removal guide and our tool helped you to deal with Tprdpw64.exe virus and removed it completely from your computer. If it didn’t, or if you have any questions you can leave a comment below, or contact our Support team.

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