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Remove start.iminent.com (search.iminent.com) from browser

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This is a guide about removal of search.iminent.com as the search engine of your browser and start.iminent.com as the home page of it. This problem occurs as a result of downloading some free application which had Iminent Search bundled with it by default. Plus, users might experience the problem of permanent encountering of all kinds of paid ads coming from adserver.iminent.com. This all surely makes the browsing experience as a very unpleasant undertaking. Use the tips below that will help you reset your browser settings to default parameters. By following this guide you will be able to get rid of Iminent Toolbar and remove Iminent Search The Web adware from your system.


If you have all your search redirected through search.iminent.com this means that you will encounter a lot of paid ads that would surely distract your attention. There’s a special server responsible for displaying ads run by Iminent hijacker, and this is called adserver.iminent.com. In addition, whenever you open each new search tab you will discover start.iminent.com in each such new tab. Obviously, this is a very annoying experience, and many users are really unhappy to encounter this browser hijacker attacking their PC on a regular basis.

In order to avoid your PC from being infected with browser hijackers like start.iminent.com or search.iminent.com you simply should be careful whenever you install freeware programs. Don’t approve installation of all kinds of extras. Finally, to get rid of Iminent search automatically please follow our detailed removal instructions below.

Removal tool for search.iminent.com (start.iminent.com) browser hijacker:

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Removal video:

Instructions to reset your browser settings with Trojan Killer:

  • In Trojan Killer’s window click “Tools” and select “Reset browser settings“.
  • Tool to reset browser settings

  • Give your permission for the program to reset the settings of your browser.
  • Confirmation to reset browser settings

  • You will see the following confirmation of browsers reset by Trojan Killer.
  • Reset browser settings - completed!

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