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Remove Searchz.online Virus Removal Instructions

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Searchz.online is a new browser hijacker. Such type of unwanted software may cause lots of troubles. However, it is not a virus. You need to take measures to delete the malware fully. Otherwise, you may face redirections, malicious links, a lot of advertisements, so forth. We recommend you to use the guide below.

remove Searchz.online

Searchz.online hijacker uses various deceptive ways to penetrate into your system. For example, bundling. The method is a very spread today. Usually, you may install a virus or malware bundled with a regular app. Thus, you may be not aware when it sneaks inside your computer system. You need to be careful during the install process. We recommend you to read the EULAs.

In order to solve the problem effectively, you have to install GridinSoft Anti-Malware. The program allows to remove all malicious apps and threats in a few minutes. If you want to avoid re-infection in the future, you should use “On-Run Protection”. The function will block all malicious downloaders.

Searchz.online hijacker removal tool:

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Removal guide for Searchz.online hijacker:


You must scan your computer system.


Shut down all your available browsers.

STEP 3 You need to enable On-Run Protection.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware offers excellent solution which may help to prevent your system from being contaminated with malware ahead of time. This feature is referred to as “On-Run Protection”. By default, it is disabled once you install the software. To enable it, please click on “Protect” button and press “Start” as demonstrated below:

The useful and interesting function may allow people to prevent install of malicious software. It means, when you will try to install some suspicious file, On-Run Protection will block this installation attempt ahead of time. NOTE! If users want to allow the dangerous program to be installed, they may choose “Ignore always” button. In case, if you want to terminate malicious programs, you must select “Block Always”.

Prevention tips on how to avoid being reinfected with Searchz.online hijacker:

  • Don’t click on any advertisements on the web! You can be redirected to a potentially viral or phishing page.
  • Don’t download or open any files from your email! Millions of malicious files are spreading through email spam messaging, open attached files only if you absolutely sure in who sent this message.
  • Avoid suspicious website! Cyber criminals are created whole website to fool users and make them download malicious and bundled program from there.
  • Use anti-malware software!
  • Perform a scan at least once a week! In GridinSoft Anti-Malware you can do it automatically by setting up a scheduled scan.
  • Don’t install or download files from shady and unreliable websites! This one is important, more than 50% of infected users were infected with such a scam.

If you still have any questions or your problem wasn’t solved – submit a ticket to our friendly support team.

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