Remove from your browser is a site which may be set as a home page of your browser and its search engine. This happens when you install some free program which has toolbar bundled with it. toolbar is not a virus, but it can be fairly categorized as a browser hijacker, considering all amendments initiated by it with your system and its browser. Use this guide that will help you eliminate off your computer automatically. hijacker pursues the only goal – to play the role of a platform for earning money for its owners through display of various paid ads on behalf of all kinds of companies promoting their products and services.

Surely, there is nothing wrong with online marketing, however, the methods used by aren’t always clear for users. In many cases, as we’ve mentioned, hijacker is offered to be installed by default together with some other free program. The installer of this software generally clearly tells about such installation, however, users aren’t always attentive to remove the unwanted installations of such extras.

If you have your browser hijacked with hijacker and you see or as your home page and search engine, you may scan your computer with our recommended security application that will help you remove it.

Removal tool for browser hijacker:

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