Remove browser hijacker

If hijacked your browser you know how annoying it really is. Basically, this is not a virus. We can’t say that this application is categorized as malware. But the ways it often comes into computers aren’t always legal. Sometimes thing add-on may be integrated into your browser without your personal approval. Yet, in some cases it may come to your PC with your direct participation.

The occurrence of on your PC often takes place as a result of you downloading and installing some free applications (like movie players, office applications, etc.). The setup wizard that guides you through the installation process clearly tells that you’re installing some extras, together with the initial software you meant to bring into your computer. Yet, this is the trick that some users often omit. So, they fail to uncheck the respective box, and this is how enters your computer.

If hijacked your browser then you surely would like to know how to remove it. To do this please follow the guide below. removal guide:

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