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There are various malicious programs and adware applications today which can be distributed through pop-ups in your browser which got compromized. This problem, however, is more peculiar to browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox which are the taget number one of malware and adware distributors and owners. popup

The popups from may in fact seem quite safe. However, this is just an outward impression some users might have. The very word ‘popup’ means that this is not unusual for browser to display it, since very often browsers do not authorize the appearance of any popups at all from unwanted resources. So, if you see this pop-up to appear in your browser – be very careful.

Some of these may actually prompt you to update your browser. In reality, this is absolutely fake update, which is not initiated by the developers of the browser you use by default. Instead, clicking the offer and implementing the executable afterwards may bring serious malware into your PC.

To be on the safe side – please never click these windows. It is important for you to know that clicking them may infect your system even more by redirecting you to various sites with poor reputation. These sites, in their turn, may bring tons of malicious programs into your PC, such as BetterSurf adware, for example. Please scan your system with our recommended security software as described below.

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