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Remove mixidj.delta-search.com hijacker

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Keep in mind that mixidj.delta-search.com may easily hijack your browser. How can this ever happen? Well, this occurs when users download and install MixiDJ player, and by default they will be offered by the program to install the Delta Search Engine onto their computer. As a result, their default search settings will be perverted, with mixidj.delta-search.com becoming the default search page. Is this good or bad? Well, considering many complaints of users regarding mixidj.delta-search.com we don’t think this is a good program to keep.


Search engine redirection via mixidj.delta-search.com is surely annoying. Your PC will function extremely slow. Plus, you will see a lot of ads that will accompany your search. These ads will have in mind to promote various goods or services. This is how the authors and the owners of mixidj.delta-search.comd get their money. Obviosly, it is much better to avoid mixidj.delta-search.com and get rid of this scam as described below.

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