Remove Internet Security Pro (virus)

Internet Security Pro should be the matter of your concern, because its presence on your system is a threat to it. You must not let this scareware trick you, this is its plan, by the way. The malicious program enters your computer in a manner that is hidden from user’s sight, thus you can’t actually trace its installation process. Once the infiltration is successfully accomplished the hoax immediately starts modifying your system. For example, it makes sure it gets launched automatically together with every Windows startup. This will result in unauthorized running of this program each time you turn your computer on. Then it arranges all kinds of bogus system scans followed by many fake threats detected by it. This is just the method of brainwashing users so that to make them think their PC is in danger.

Internet Security

Why does Internet Security Pro rogue do all such tricks? This is simply because it wants to convince you then to buy its fake licensed version to supposedly remove all those bogus threats revealed. Hopefully, this will not be the case with you, so please make up your mind and set up the time for successful elimination of this annoying scam. As you see, there is nothing good in this application. Its fake scan of your PC lasts for within just few seconds, so, obviously, it cannot detect real security threats within such a short duration of time. So, it is quite reasonable to wipe this hoax off your PC at once. However, you might have the problem when the rogue blocks your attempts to delete it. To bypass the blockage please follow the guidelines below.

Internet Security Pro removal steps:

  • Terminate the virus process by going to Start->Run, then taskkill.exe /F /IM indefender.exe . If you failed to terminate the process from the initial attempt you might try doing it several times.
  • If the above-said steps are very complicated for you, use this guide that will help you terminate the process of this virus.
  • Once the malware process is killed (terminated) you may use your browser to download GridinSoft Trojan Killer for virus removal.

Internet Security Pro system modifications:

Internet Security Pro system process(es):


Internet Security Pro file(s) added:

%desktop%internet security Pro.lnk

Internet Security registry entry (entries) added:

HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunInternet Security Pro

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