Remove Internet Security MS rogue (uninstall tips)

Internet Security MS is a new rogue from the widely spread family of fake antiviruses which altogether are referred to as simply “Internet Security virus”. Internet Security MS is the new name for its desktop icon, whereas outwardly the rogue hasn’t been changed at all. The change is also in the name of its active running process, which is now msecurity.exe. Use this guide that will explain to you how to kill msecurity.exe virus process and remove Internet Security MS virus from your PC.

Internet Security MS screenshots:

Internet Security MS virus has the same slogan – “designed to protect”. The reality is that this program has been designed by the team of cyber frauds who specifically intend to deceive and trick users into buying its fake license or so-called “full version”. In reality, purchasing Internet Security MS registration key is the waste of money and time.

Internet Security MS fake antispyware comes into computers which are poorly protected against cyber exposure. This takes place through direct participation of trojan horses which are distributed through the large channel of malicious links sent via social networks, in spam emails with suspicious attachments whatsoever.

Internet Secuity MS runs fake scans whenever you turn your PC on. This so-called full PC scan is just the imitation of a real one. This application will never become your privacy keeper as advertised by it. So, obviously, investing funds into this totally useless utility is a tragic mistake. Regretfully, some users have made it, and it seems that they will never get their money back from the pockets of cyber frauds. However, it is surely always a good idea to dispute the charges made via your bank card by submitting a respective appeal to your good bank or other payment processing institution which runs transactions via your bank card.

If your system has been attacked by Internet Security MS virus it’s time to remove it, instead of obeying its fraudulent instructions. We recommend you to first stop its running process called msecurity.exe. Otherwise the rogue will keep blocking launching of all executables, reporting them as infected with W32/Blaster.worm fake infection. This includes legitimate programs like available decent antiviruses, all major browsers, Task Manger, cmd.exe or taskkill.exe commands. To bypass this blockage you may terminate (stop) msecurity.exe process as explained in the video guide and in the instructions below. Finally, you will surely need to completely delete Internet Security MS virus with the help of powerful anti-malware program like GridinSoft Trojan Killer recomended below.

Video explaining how to stop Internet Security MS virus process (msecurity.exe):

Detailed removal guidelines for Internet Security MS scam:

  1. Click “Start” and select “My Computer“, or use Win+E hotkey command to open Windows Explorer.
  2. In the address line type this text:, and then click “Enter“.
  3. Save the utility “explorer.exe” to your Desktop.
  4. Run “explorer.exe” from Desktop.
  5. In the empty field type the name of this virus – Internet Security (with space and beginning capital letters).
  6. Click “Scan“.
  7. Give your permission to kill the process of Internet Security MS (once the utility finds it).
  8. Warning! The rogue Internet Security has not yet been removed. You’ve just stopped its process msecurity.exe.exe. Now you need to scan your PC with reliable antivirus program we recommend below.

Internet Security MS virus removal tool:

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Complete removal video:

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