How to remove The ICE Cyber Crime Center ransomware

The message titled as “The ICE Cyber Crime Center” is a new ransomware infection that strikes various computers all over the world. Designed in English, this virus program represents quite scary information for the users of attacked PCs. In particular, this program tells that users were noticed to watch illegal information over the Internet resulting in malware attacks that actually locked their computers. Then the program tells that users must purchase certain update for the security of their computers in order to unlock the system and to protect their PC from future virus aggressions. Scared users are instructed by the ransomware developers to purchase the PIN codes of GreenDot MoneyPak payment system and to indicate them in the respective field in order to unlock their computer.

ICE Cyber Crime Center virus

These messages that you see on your desktop are fabricated by hackers in order to earn money with unfair methods that include tricking, fooling, deceiving users and scaring them into sharing their funds with malware developers. Do not ever make the payment for these fake updates. There is no any guarantee that by doing so the locked status would be removed from your computer. You must remove this ransomware infection from your system immediately because it does not allow you to do anything with your PC. In order to unlock your system please follow the ransomware removal steps described below.

Ransomware removal guide:

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