How to remove fake Microsoft Antivirus alert

Microsoft Antivirus is a new infection that spreads rogue security software called System Care Antivirus. When it enters infected computer it starts reporting many fake infections. It also modifies your system in order to get launched automatically, together with Windows. You must be careful not to trust this fake anti-virus. Otherwise there is a risk that this malware program would convince you to do what it is meant for – persuading users to buy its licensed version. So, if you see this application on your computer make sure to prepare yourself to thorough research of the issue of its successful removal. Otherwise, in the case of your failure to make attempts to get rid of it, you are making your system even more vulnerable to threats and spyware.

Microsoft Antivirus

System Care Antivirus malware has a good interface, but the powers of this program are surely overestimated by its developers. The application is not able to remove any single threat from your computer. It would not render the promised security for your system in times or real malware’s massive attacks. Ignore all fake virus reports this program gives you on a regular basis. Its system scan is fabricated and simply mimics that of a decent security software. Remember that money is the only goal of this rogue anti-spyware device, so do not let it scare you or trick into buying the fake and powerless license of System Care Antivirus hoax.

If you are in search for effective anti-virus solutions to delete this virus you might try the program recommended by us in the upper right section of this blog (GridinSoft Trojan Killer). Simply download this security tool from the right sidebar and get rid of Microsoft Antivirus infection. However, you must take care of your system security in the future, so please reconsider what AV software you already have and why it didn’t protect you. You might need to substitute your already installed anti-virus with other, more powerful software.

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