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Remove A.yesadsrv.com virus from your browser

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A.yesadsrv.com is a web site what will redirect you to different unwanted site when you open your browser or click anywhere while you using it. A.yesadsrv.com is a browser hijacker what can also randomly redirect you to a malicious site where all users force to install or download program, but always ignore such thing if don`t want to lose all information on your computer. This hijacker can easily get to any browser includes Mozila, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge and other. This hijacker will change some setting so you will see A.yesadsrv.com (or any else malicious site) as your new home page, your search engine will be changed and the most awful thing is that A.yesadsrv.com will also install small programs with it what can also install some new virus stealthily.

remove A.yesadsrv.com

Browser hijacker like A.yesadsrv.com can be installed with other free program what you get from the Internet or if your system already infect with another virus. Always check a very additional options and never allow app install with `Custom` options. The Simple rule what will save your PC from the future virus attack.

After A.yesadsrv.com becomes part of your system it will bring many changes into your computer. You will see A.yesadsrv.com every time on startup of your browser and unfortunately this hijacker can redirect you to unwanted sites with adult or disgusting content. Never ignore sites what was appearing on your computer without any notification. We highly recommend to remove A.yesadsrv.com from your computer immediately.

A.yesadsrv.com hijacker removal tool:

Removal guide for A.yesadsrv.com hijacker:

STEP 1. Download and install GridinSoft Anti-Malware:

Download the installation file and click “Install“.
remove A.yesadsrv.com

STEP 2. Perform a scan for A.yesadsrv.com hijacker:

Start GridinSoft Anti-Malware – go to “Scan” tab – click “Quick Scan“. If you start program for the first time, this tab will be selected by default and “Quick Scan” will be launched automaticly.
remove A.yesadsrv.com

STEP 3. Apply actions to detected items:

When scanning process is over, select “Move to quarantine” in top right corner and click “Apply” at the bottom.
NOTE: It is advised to check the box in bottom left corrner “Create Restore Point“. This will allow you to return to that point in your system, befor our program removed detected files.
remove A.yesadsrv.com

STEP 4. Reset your browser settings:

NOTE: We advise you to save your data in all active browser windows, this step will close all sessions!
Go to “Tools” tab – click “Reset Browser Settings“. In the first column, you need to choose your internet browser that is infected with A.yesadsrv.com hijacker. In second column, we advise you to choose “Start page” and “Search engines” options. But you may correct them as you wish. If you don’t know what to choose, then follow our advice.
remove A.yesadsrv.com

STEP 5. Turn on On-Run Protection:

Go to “Protection” tab and click “Start” button. This will turn on a “On-Run Protection” in GridinSoft Anti-malware. When this feature enabled, our program will prevent malicious activities on your computer. If some malware or adware will try to install itself on your computer – it will be immediatly blocked by our program.
remove A.yesadsrv.com

Here is a video on how to remove hijackers (and not only!) with GridinSoft Anti-Malware:

Prevention tips on how to avoid being reinfected with A.yesadsrv.com hijacker:

  • Don’t click on any advertisements on the web! You can be redirected on a potentially viral or phishing page.
  • Don’t download or open any files from your email! Millions of malicious files are spreading through email spam messaging, open attached files only if you absolutely sure in who sent this message.
  • Avoid suspicious website! Cyber criminals are created whole website to fool users and make them download malicious and bundled program from there.
  • Use anti-malware software!
  • Perform a scan at least once a week! In GridinSoft Anti-Malware you can do it automaticly by setting up a scheduled scan.
  • Don’t install or download files from shady and unreliable websites! This one is important, more than 50% of infected users were infected with such scam.

If you still have any questions or your problem wasn’t solved – submit a ticket to our friendly support team.

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