R18.com ads – how to block

R18.com is kind of adware which will disturb you with numerous ads, such as banner ads, pop-up ads, in-text ads, video ads, sound ads, etc. In most of time, it will try to persuade you to believe it and use it by promising you with best coupons or favorable deals. Besides, R18.com will pretend to help you to find the discounts and then it pops up some ads to attract your attentions. While you click it, you will find they are nothing to do with what it promises, but misleading to some suspicious sites.

R18.com is capable of doing more on your PC and this system. It will spy on your information and data so that it could figure out which part is the weak point on your system. In the following, R18.com will use it to transmit many kinds of malware or virus on your PC to infect your system. In this case, we can deny it serves as a tool for criminals. And they will screen your protections to carry on this scam.

If you think it finished all its scam, you are wrong. As R18.com has to make money by increasing the clicks for its sponsored sites, it will try every way to seduce you to click its links. For example, it will send you fake updated link and ask you to download the new versions for your programs. But it is a fake links. If you still keep R18.com on your computer, you have to watch out for every steps and it is annoying.

R18.com changes browser settings and DNS settings to redirect you to unwanted websites. It can strikingly slow down system speed. It download Adware which harasses you with annoying ads nowhere. It may be able to track your browsing traces and interests to collect your information. It will corrupt system files make your computer crash down. Remove R18.com before it is too late!

A simple removal tool for R18.com virus:

R18.com virus removal instructions

First, install GridinSoft Trojan Killer Portable on your computer.


Open the program and choose the type of scan you want to run (Recommended Full):

Trojan Killer Portable


Wait few minutes untill scanning process is over:

Trojan Killer Portable


Click on “Cure PC!” button to delete R18.com virus:

Trojan Killer Portable

STEP 4 (Optional)

Use the reset browser settings tool of Trojan Killer Portable. It will return your browser to a normal state in case of infection. Return to main screen and open Reset Browser menu:

Trojan Killer Portable

STEP 5 (Optional)

Choose the options you’d like to return to its default state and press Reset:

Trojan Killer Portable

We hope this simple removal guide and out tool helped you to deal with R18.com virus and removed it completely from your computer. If it didn’t, or if you have any questions you can leave a comment below or contact out Support team.

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