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Qone8.com removal from all browsers

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Qone8.com stands for a stubborn and truly annoying browser hijacker which may easily implant your PC as a result of careless software installation. This is the case when users install some freeware program, yet they fail to notice that it is bundled with other programs like qone8.com hijacker. If you would like to get rid of it please carefully follow the uninstall instructions stipulated below.


The purpose of qone8.com, as well as of any other browser hijacker, is to bring money to its owners. Earning money is displayed by showing various paid ads together with the search results. The point is that this hijacker becomes the default home page and the search engine of your browser. As a result, all search queries are permanently redirected through it. When you look for something, the search will be initiated not through Google, Bing of Yahoo Search, but rather via qone8.com. So, this is when you will begin encountering a lot of ads which were paid for by many companies.

In order to avoid unwanted installations like qone8.com hijacker you are strongly recommended to be careful whenever you install anything downloaded online, especially when it comes to freeware applications easily downloadable on the web. Always choose the custom installation instead of the default or standard one. Finally, if qone8.com has attacked your browsers and all your attempts to get rid of it turn out to be vain, please download our anti-malware solution which is ready to remove this badware from your PC automatically.

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