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Online-shopping: is it so secure as it is promised to be?

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Online shopping looks very promising and it may be when you use the trusted sites but it requires a lot of caution because for online shopping you provide your email address, shipping address, your contact number and most importantly your credit card information multiple times. This information is prone to falling prey to various cybercrimes. There are a number of risks associated with online shopping and some of these are listed below

There are various sites which are created with the sole purpose of gathering your information used for identity theft or hacking. They attract the customers by various deals which are impossible to pass by such as you see your dream laptop 70% off; such sites disappear after some time.

This risk can be minimized by using only trusted sites.

As there are various scam sites there are also unscrupulous sellers which are selling their products from the sites we trust the most such as eBay. These sellers display their product and tempt the customers by unreal sales but they never deliver the purchased item.

To minimize the probability of falling prey to this hazard is you can check if the site offers a money back guarantee or offer cash on delivery service. You can also check the sellers rating prior buying the product or check if the seller is new or has some impressive history or by trusting your instinct if the prices are too unbelievably low.

There are various fraudulent sites that might seem good to have business with but these sites are not mostly encrypted which can leave your valuable information accessible to anyone in the real time.

You can indirectly make payment to a criminal allowing them to easily steal your money if you do not assess the site properly before transferring the money. These escrow sites take the money or make payment on your behalf by mimicking the real thing.

Another problem that online shopping persistently presents is getting stuck in the browser traps by which you are not allowed to click the back option and if you are using your phone it may start to vibrate endlessly. Some websites continue to pop up continuously even after closing them multiple times. This website can pose massive amount of risk to the device you are using such as your phone or laptop.

It’s very important to form a habit to clean your PC regularly. There are many tools you can find on the Web for this purpose. You should remember that annoying advertisement modules, spyware, and other malicious instruments appear on your PC depending on your Internet activity: more time you spend on the Internet, more threats you have in your system.

There are different rules for different countries; buying online from a site which is new and you are not accustomed to their values can have a risk of contradicting the rules that prevail in your country which creates additional problems in the future.

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