adware (uninstall tutorial) stands for an adware application which is brought to computers through several paths. One is when users download this adware (toolbar) directly through its official web-site, and this is quite a legal download option, of course. If you got this application as a result of direct download, then you may discontinue reading this article. Regretfully, there are many other cases when this application is installed being bundled with other programs, and users often fail to see this fact clearly while installing them. Please use these instructions below that will assist you in getting rid of this adware off your system. adware, upon installation, gets pretty much integrated into your default browser (either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer). It becomes the toolbar which comes up whenever you open your browser. So, you encounter its as a home page and it even becomes your default search engine.

Are you happy with toolbar (adware)? Are you satisfied with your search permanently redirected via this domain? If not, we understand how you feel. Basically, to get rid of it, you will need to uninstall this application from the Control Panel, even though some remnants of this adware will have to be deleted automatically using our recommended security software. Please download it as instructed below. automatic remover:

Download now

Important! After you scan with Trojan Killer and remove all threats detected, please click “Tools” in Trojan Killer’s window and select “Reset browser settings” to fix search engine redirection problem.

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