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Mwdefender.exe file description and removal

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Internet Security Pro program deserves to be classified as rogue anti-spyware software. For this reason we have assigned “Rogue” category to this malware sample. Right not its core process is named mwdefender.exe. No doubt, we do need reliable protection in the cyber world today where Internet is full of unwanted and malicious applications. However, Internet Security Pro fake anti-virus cannot actually render such security services. It only tells it is designed to protect your system from cyber exposure, whereas the program is not capable of detecting and removing real virus threats. What it actually does is imitation of a legitimate program. But do you know that decent security applications never act like this rogue? First of all, it penetrates into your computer without your “invitation”. Users do not give their consent or permission for Internet Security Pro to install itself, however, the malware succeeds in this without user’s knowledge or authorization. Isn’t this trait peculiar to all fake anti-spyware tools we previously reviewed? Indeed, the same can be applied to the above-mentioned malware. You cannot observe its installation process or terminate it. Similarly, you will not be able to remove it using generally accepted software uninstall methods via “Add/Remove” section of your Control Panel. Taking the above mentioned information into consideration we draw the right conclusion that Internet Security Pro is the malware program to avoid by all means.

The very behavior of Internet Security Pro virus on the attacked computer is similar to other rogue security programs. During the very installation process Internet Security Pro adds the respective registry entry into your system in order to be launched automatically each time you turn your computer on. This means that this malady’s interface would be the very first thing you would face once your Windows Operating System is booted successfully. The rogue then initiates its bogus scan of your computer with horrible reports presented once the fake scan is over. The malware tries to convince you that the threats it detects are real. Then, on this ground, it wants to persuade you to effect the payment for its licensed or registered version in order to delete all the above-mentioned fake infections. Just as we have already mentioned in the first paragraph, the viruses claimed to be detected by Internet Security Pro are all fake. At the same time, when real viruses attack the infected machine, Internet Security Pro would not be able to timely detect or remove them. By the way, it would even promote and facilitate infiltration of other types of malwares.

Purchasing Internet Security Pro is the mistake on the part of deceived user. Please be careful not to become the victim of frauds who elaborated this malware sample. Remove it using reliable anti-virus software described in this blog. Consider installing real-time scanning and protection anti-virus tool that would defend your privacy on the permanent basis, day and night. Ignore all fake and misleading warnings, popups and notifications originated by this virus.

Just as we’ve already mentioned several times, remove Internet Security Pro scareware from your computer without hesitation. Ignore the above-mentioned fake notices of this virus program. Keep visiting this blog to be updated regularly about other malware threats and how to remove them.

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