Misecurity.exe – dangerous virus process

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Misecurity.exe is a malicious process related to a virus called Internet Security 2013. In order to get rid of Internet Security 2013 virus from your computer you will definitely need to do something in order to stop its virus process misecurity.exe. The guide below will explain how to make it possible on your computer.


The active process called misecurity.exe prevents users from downloading legitimate security applications and other programs related to your operating system. For example, whenever you try to download some antivirus program to get rid of this rogue, the malware will report your browser as malicious and infected with W32/Blaster.worm (fake threat). The same thing happens whenever you try to launch programs like Task Manager, cmd.exe or taskill.exe.

Internet Security 2013 virus has a mission to trick users into buying its fake and helpless license, which is not able to render real security protection for your computer. This is why it makes all sorts of barriers in order to prevent users from removing it. Please ignore the scary alerts of this rogue and follow the tips below that will help you stop misecurity.exe (malicious process) and eventually delete the hoax from your system.

Video explaining how to stop Internet Security 2013 virus process (misecurity.exe):

Detailed removal guidelines for Internet Security 2013 scam:

  1. Click “Start” and select “My Computer“, or use Win+E hotkey command to open Windows Explorer.
  2. In the address line type this text: http://gridinsoft.com/downloads/explorer.exe, and then click “Enter“.
  3. Save the utility “explorer.exe” to your Desktop.
  4. Run “explorer.exe” from Desktop.
  5. In the empty field type the name of this virus – Internet Security (with space and beginning capital letters).
  6. Click “Scan“.
  7. Give your permission to kill the process of Internet Security 2013 (once the utility finds it).
  8. Warning! The rogue Internet Security has not yet been removed. You’ve just stopped its process msecurity.exe.exe. Now you need to scan your PC with reliable antivirus program we recommend below.

Internet Security 2013 virus removal tool:

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Similar removal video:

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