Internet Security Premium (itdefender.exe) fake antivirus removal

This is the guide explaining removal of Internet Security Premium rogue anti-spyware program. To get rid of if you will first need to terminate (kill) its process called itdefender.exe. Then you will need to scan your PC with GridinSoft Trojan Killer. Please find the instructions below.

Internet Security Premium rogue security program has no built-in capabilities to destroy real malwares. Serious system slowdown is what awaits users whose PCs got infected with this scam. The program enters the machine in a hidden (secret) manner without even considering your preferences whether you want to have this software or not. Such unauthorized installation is a result of poor security level of your computer. Often this happens because of the lack of legitimate anti-virus on the attacked computer or due to outdated database. Sometimes users ask questions about best antivirus software for their systems. Well, in fact, there is no such definition as “best antivirus”. Some security programs can prevent your PC from being attacked with certain particular infection, simultaneously allowing other threats to get in. Whereas other anti-spyware tools fail to prevent infections other anti-viruses successfully detected and terminated. This partially explains why Internet Security Premium is now on your PC. Still, having reliable security software in your toolkit is an inevitable and even mandatory practice for all online surfers. But the latter program (the one described in this post) is surely not worth considering. Instead, its removal is what should be implemented upon the very first acquaintance with this hoax.

Internet Security

Internet Security Premium, upon successful installation into your computer, arranges so-called scanning of your system. This scanning process is fake because it lasts only within few seconds, “within the twinkle of an eye”, as some would say. The really surprising event is when this rogue starts telling users of various threats, spyware, keyloggers, Trojans and worms that are supposedly in control of your PC. Some unwary users in haste decide to purchase this rogue tool as a supposed cleaner of all reported infections. They don’t realize that these misleading statements simply aim to make you the next victims of online crooks that developed Internet Security Premium as the resource for collecting funds from deceived people. So, avoid this program by all means. This rogue is a hoax and cannot heal your system. The infection it reports to you aren’t real. What you should do is get rid of this malware program as described below.

Internet Security Premium removal steps:

  • Terminate the virus process by following this guide this guide.
  • Once the malware process is killed (terminated) you may use your browser to download GridinSoft Trojan Killer for virus removal.

Internet Security Premium system modifications:

Internet Security Premium system process(es):


Internet Security Premium file(s) added:

%desktop%internet security Premium.lnk

Internet Security registry entry (entries) added:

HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunInternet Security Premium

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