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Internet Security 2013 virus removal tool

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Internet Security 2013 is not the software that can become your wise counselor in the matters of online security. What do we have instead? This application is a rogue security program that hides its real intentions. It says that your computer is in danger, instructs you to buy its licensed version, but the fact is that it does not offer the promised services even if you pay for it. Both of its versions (both full of trial ones) are equally helpless to defend your system against malwares.

Internet Security virus

Here is the brief list of problems this particular hoax causes:

  • Blocking Task Manager by replacing it with its own, fake one.
  • Blocking downloads of legitimate security software.
  • Blocking execution of available anti-viruses (already installed on infected computer).
  • Showing permanent alerts, warnings and notifications about fake infections detected.
  • Prompting users into paying for the license of the rogue.
  • Possible browser redirect problems.
  • General system slowdown.

Internet Security 2013 doesn’t care for your personal opinion whether you want to see it or not on your computer. It modifies your PC in a way that allows the hoax to be launched automatically each time you switch your system on. Then immediately it runs various fake scans of your computer that last just within a couple of seconds. The rogue reports various threats and says your system is in a terrible condition. Remember that whatever it tells you is not true. The scam simply tries to make you really worried for the status of your PC and to lead you to the page where you will be instructed by it to effect the payment for its fake license. Do not ever let this badware trick you so easily.

The malware known as Internet Security 2013 can be removed using the reliable anti-virus tools (like the ones described in the links above). You might need to restart your system into safe mode with network support to make the removal procedure easier. Consider installing some powerful security software with proactive anti-malware protection module. This will help you to prevent further attacks of malwares like Internet Security 2013.

Internet Security 2013 removal steps:

  • Terminate the virus process by going to Start->Run, then taskkill.exe /F /IM amsecure.exe . If you failed to terminate the process from the initial attempt you might try doing it several times.
  • Once the malware process is killed (terminated) you may use your browser to download GridinSoft Trojan Killer for virus removal.

Internet Security system modifications:

Internet Security system process(es):


Internet Security file(s) added:


Internet Security registry entry (entries) added:

  • HKCUSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun “Internet Security”

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