ICSPA logo now used in online scam

It has recently come to our attention that the logo and the name of the Internet Cyber Security Protection Alliance are widely used in many ransomware lockers today. These malicious applications belong to the Urausy virus family. When they attack the computer the whole desktop becomes hijacked (disabled). Instead of the common desktop background with all icons and preferred programs, users see nothing but the scary alert supposedly coming from the ICSPA. In fact, this warning has been created and implanted into your machine by the pack of cyber frauds.

ICSPA virus

When ICSPA ransomware attacks the computers it prompts users to pay money in favor of the crooks. The fake accusation says that users committed a lot of crimes over the Internet, thus explaining the reasons for the PC being blocked. However, this is not so. In the majority of the cases those PCs got locked by this scam that didn’t participate in any of the stated crimes. You should ignore this scary warning and have peace of mind. There are ways how you can remove this virus from your system and unlock it effectively. Please follow the guidelines below.

Removal guide:


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