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How to delete ads powered by ComparingGenie?

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ComparingGenie is promoted as a tool designed to help users to buy things on-line spending fewer funds. This browser add-on promises to deliver the most beneficial offers and deals. In fact, it is ad-supported software that may expose the affected Web browser to plenty of intrusive commercial ads such as: inline text, coupon, banner, transitional, pop-up/under and price comparison ads etc. To be short, this program does not care to improve your on-line shopping. It aims to make money on advertisements, increasing sales of its partners. It cannot add any value to the quality of your on-line activities. Thus, the programs of such sort deserve to be removed. The tutorial below will provide you with all necessary details to eliminate this malware once and for all.

ComparingGenie ads

The infection with ComparingGenie is a widely-discussed topic on many forums. If you also want to know how this virus may invade your PC, we will tell you. ComparingGenie adware is being distributed via ‘bundling’. It means that publishers add the installation package of ComparingGenie adware to some popular freeware and do not adequately disclose this fact. The users install the desired program and gets absolutely undesired tool in addition. But it happens mostly with the users who do not like to read the long and boring installation wizards where is possible to find out what they except to install.

Following successful infiltration, except annoying ads powered by ComparingGenie it starts tracking user’s Internet browsing activity, records what sites the users visit and show the relevant ads basing on this information. If hitting the advertisements delivered by this annoying browser add-on is likely to cause high-risk of various computer infections. Furthermore this adware constantly tracks user’s on-line sessions, collects personal information like IP addresses, unique identifier numbers, browser type, cookies, search queries entered into search engines (Google, Bing, etc.), website URL’s visited, pages viewed and other similar info. It is quite impudent, isn’t it? It may lead to serious privacy issues or even identity theft. Now, there is no need to tell you how dangerous it is.

Now it is as clear as pie for every PC user that ComparingGenie deserves to be deleted without any hesitations. If not to timely get rid of it, this malware may be used for potentially malicious activities, like make people visit insecure websites, make them install insecure programs and similar tasks. That’s why we recommend avoiding ComparingGenie. In order to uninstall this unwanted tool, make sure you follow the guide below:

Removal tool for ComparingGenie virus:

Download now

Automatic removal instructions:

    • Scan your system with GridinSoft Trojan Killer and click on “Apply” at the end of scan.
    • Shut down all your browsers.
    • In Trojan Killer’s window click on “Tools” and select “Reset browser settings“:


    • Specify all your browsers you want to be reset with the help of Trojan Killer, then click on Reset” button again:


  • Restart your computer.

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