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Guide to remove Vista Security Cleaner Pro

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Vista Security Cleaner Pro rightfully belongs to the category of viruses that are extremely severe and dangerous, so if you face it on your computer you must get rid of it as soon as you can. Otherwise the virus may bring other more serious infections into the realms of your PC. So, be careful and do not let online infections ruin your system and file integrity.

Vista Security Cleaner Pro

We all sometimes tend to make choices as far as decent security software is concerned. However, Vista Security Cleaner Pro is not a good choice at all, even though it says of itself as some superb anti-malware solution. But guess – its fruits are totally opposite. It was not created to render protection for your computer. Vista Security Cleaner Pro wears the mask of some anti-spyware tool, but this is simply the outward attempt to persuade you in its so-called decent intentions. Consider these facts about this rogue:

  • Vista Security Cleaner Pro enters your system without permission or even knowledge on your part;
  • Vista Security Cleaner Pro modifies your system in order to be started automatically together with each system startup;
  • the rogue runs the multitude of fake system scans in order to report various threats that aren’t real;
  • the malware aims to convince users to buy its fake licensed version for removal of those fake threats;
  • Vista Security Cleaner Pro slows down the PC considerably;
  • the hoax blocks running or downloads of legitimate security software to remove it.

We could add many of such facts about this fake anti-spyware solution. Its only goal is to steal money from users by means of deceiving them. The activation code (registration key) of Vista Security Cleaner Pro is not a good answer for your security problems. So, be wise not to follow the malicious tricks of it. Remember to ignore and disregard all fake security alerts, warnings and notifications of this malicious tool. There are no such infections on your system as stated by it. Finally, Vista Security Cleaner Pro is most probably the only infection that should be removed from your system.

Removing Vista Security Cleaner Pro rogue is not an easy process, by the way. Often, as we’ve mentioned, the virus tends to block launching of legitimate security software. In such cases we recommend you to reboot your PC into safe mode with networking, and this should help you very well.

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