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How to get rid of VLC Addon and its ads?

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The occurrence of Ads by VLC Addon in your browser is the consequence of the annoying browser infection. VLC Addon is compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. If this adware manages to make a path into computer it displays tons of pop-up ads, advertising, in-text links and other similar commercial content which can be very intrusive and cause a lot of inconveniences.


VLC Addon secretly penetrates to PCs without the user’s consent. It gets together bundled with free programs. Nobody disclose the fact that freeware installers contain some extras, like adware. It is designed by the developers to monetize their free downloads. If penetrated, it floods your computer with tons of promoting windows, various discounts, coupons and deals. If you click these ads, the hackers will earn some money.

To endure all the countless ads by VLC Addon, one should have really iron nerves. But regretfully, the constant interruptions are not the only problem that concerns the victims of this browser intruder. Adware applications tend to make a copy of the user’s Internet activities in order to present customized advertisements. This means that your IP address, browsing history, search queries, favorite pages, preferred browser, etc. are carefully collected. The most troubling thing is that this data can be sold to the unknown third parties and no one knows where it will end up. If it is available to cyber criminal, it could bring serious privacy issues. It goes without saying that you should not linger with the removal of this browser add-on and the related advertising supported software. The programs of such sort do not add any valuable services to you. Remove it ASAP!

There are two options you can choose from in order to terminate the activity of VLC Addon adware. You can uninstall the program manually or you can use anti-virus removal tool that will do it for you. If you choose the first variant, you will have to delete VLC Addon extensions from your browsers. You may also need to reset your browser settings. If, however, you decide to delete it automatically you need to do is download and install an anti-malware tool like GridinSoft Trojan Killer. It will check up your PC system, detect all useless files and registry entries and eliminate VLC Addon and all programs relevant to it.

In order to avoid the problems of secret installation of absolutely useless programs, it is advised to always read the End User License Agreements (EULA) or Terms and Agreements before installing software on your computer. Do never click too fast thru the installation process of software as you will agree to install the unwanted programs by default. If you are offered Advanced or Custom installation, make sure to use this option. It will be allowed if there is any other malicious software offered and installed during the installation process.

Removal tool for VLC Addon virus:

Download now

Automatic removal instructions:

    • Scan your system with GridinSoft Trojan Killer and click on “Apply” at the end of scan.
    • Shut down all your browsers.
    • In Trojan Killer’s window click on “Tools” and select “Reset browser settings“:


    • Specify all your browsers you want to be reset with the help of Trojan Killer, then click on Reset” button again:


  • Restart your computer.

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