FBI Cybercrime Division ransomware

The warning that you think is coming from the FBI Cybercrime Division as depicted below is a fake one. Instead, it is the product of cyber hackers who want to scare and prompt active Internet users into believing they’ve committed a lot of crimes online. This is a ransomware program that acts very aggressively while trying to infect as many computers as possible. By the way, it belongs to the Urausy virus family (and who knows why exactly it is called like that). Below please find the screenshot of FBI Cybercrime Division virus.

FBI Cybercrime Division

FBI Cybercrime Division virus attacks computers unexpectedly. Nobody really knows how and when exactly the malware infiltrates the PC. Whatever the case might be, its unwanted occurrence on your screen is a sign of poor security protection service installed on your machine. Please ignore the scary contents of FBI Cybercrime Division locker. Don’t worry that you cannot easily unlock your screen. You’ve not done anything wrong or illegal online, so why should you be worried? Simply follow the instructions below. They will help you unlock your computer from this serious cyber disease.

Malware removal instructions:


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