How to get rid of redirect? is a harmful advertising application. Once is installed automatically it will set a new browser home page and bring various ads to it. A usual way of getting to the PC is when you download a song or anything else from a torrents website or any other resource offering free applications. People who own websites from time to time attempt to do content monetization in such a way by adding malware into the archive with a program downloaded by users. A file downloader is an app that provides a user with the sought file, however it also brings various offers that are known to users: bad software with irritating ads popping up in a browser window, links with bad redirections, apps setting a new browser starting page and so on. belongs to this kind of programs. – adware! with each single attack on specific computer modifies several parameters of infected browsers, such as its home page and default search engine settings. It will cause Internet surfers to encounter this page instead of or other start page defined specifically by the computer owner. Additionally, all search queries made by user will be redirected to some third-party pages, instead of rendering search results via decent search engines. Finally, opening new tabs in browsers may automatically reveal the page of the hijacker, instead of a blank tab.

The reason why keeps disturbing your attention is that it is additionally protected by a lot of other third-party programs which were installed to prevent you from getting rid of the hijacker in an easy way. This could be some service running in the background which you can’t easily find. Alternatively, certain browser hijackers modify Desktop shortcuts and quick launch items related to specific browsers, thus adding extra attributes for browsers to start with BitCro Search 1.5, even if the home page settings do not contain any third-party settings at all. performs various illegal functions on your computer, such as regularly tracking your browsing habits and transferring this information to third parties for various illegal purposes. As a consequence, your personal data may become accessible before cyber frauds who may easily manipulate it. Furthermore, the hijacker is interconnected with a lot of other malicious applications through links that may easily lead your browser to them. And, of course, you will be quite annoyed by various advertisement banners and sponsored links that will permanently distract your attention while surfing the web. In the light of this information, you’re strongly advised to perform a thorough scanning of your system using proven anti-malware tools as explained clearly in the remainder of the tutorial below.

A simple removal tool for virus: virus removal instructions

First, install GridinSoft Trojan Killer Portable on your computer.


Open the program and choose the type of scan you want to run (Recommended Full):

Trojan Killer Portable


Wait a few minutes until scanning process is over:

Trojan Killer Portable


Click on “Cure PC!” button to delete virus:

Trojan Killer Portable

STEP 4 (Optional)

Use the reset browser settings tool of Trojan Killer Portable. The video below will show you how to remove browser infection completely.

Trojan Killer Portable
Trojan Killer Portable

This video will show you how to remove virus easily from your computer:

We hope this simple removal guide and our tool helped you to deal with virus and removed it completely from your computer. If it didn’t, or if you have any questions you can leave a comment below, or contact our Support team.

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