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Department of Justice warning virus removal. How to unlock your computer

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Your computer has been locked! This is a scary alert, being a fake police alert, in fact. It is the result of ransomware virus infection that attacked your PC and now asks for a ransom to be paid by you in favor of online hackers. Beware of it!

your computer has been locked

Many computers today are being under massive attack of a stubborn, persistent and extremely dangerous virus that is also referred to as DOJ warning virus. This infection belongs to the special group of malwares that is known as ransomware. The reason why this group is called like this is because this malware locks the screen (desktop) of the infected computer and then asks for certain amount of money (ransom) to be paid in favor of the online hackers who elaborated this locker. Department of Justice warning virus is especially spread in the United States of America, Canada and few other English-speaking countries.

Department of Justice warning virus is presented in the form of a special notification supposedly coming from the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the US Department of Justice. However, this well-known US governmental agency isn’t associated with spreading this virus. Be very careful with this alert. It will hijack your desktop and will not let you do anything with your computer. By the way, simply restarting your PC will not do any good service for you. The locked status of your system will persist, no matter how many times you’ve rebooted the computer. The reason why the PC continues to be locked is because hackers haven’t yet completed their mission successfully on your PC. They still wait until you share some of your earnings with them in the form of paying this fine supposedly introduced by DOJ for your “illegal activities” that were supposedly revealed on your system. The ransomware accuses users of downloading illegal copies of audio and video samples, software, visiting the sites of terrorist organizations, supporting terrorist activities, watching and spreading a lot of sinful adult information over the world wide web.

Please, be not scared by this deceitful and fake Department of Justice warning. This is a typical virus and not a real alert from the Police. Do not pay money (ransom) in favor of the online crooks. The moment you do so is the moment when you lose these funds, without the possibility of their return. The funds that uses waste like this simply go into the pockets of the hackers and not into the state budget or treasury of the US. So, be very careful! Do not agree to indicate GreenDot MoneyPak payment details in the respective fields of the ransomware’s warning as instructed by the virus makers. Instead, please follow this guide below that will help you understand the malware removal principles and unlock your system effectively.

Ransomware removal guide:


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