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Department of Justice ransomware virus removal

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There’s a serious virus that is crossing primarily around the United States of America. It is classified as ransomware because it locks the infected computer completely and then asks for the ransom to be paid in favor of its authors. Who are these authors, by the way? They’re surely the pack of crooks and online fraudsters who want to become richer by means of deceiving and scaring simple computer users. This ransomware virus bears the good name of the US Department of Justice, for this reason some users call it as the ‘Department of Justice Virus‘. Surely, it is not a correct way of speaking about DOJ in such a manner, but you should understand that this scary message that you see on your locked screen has nothing to do with the Department of Justice of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Department of Justice virus

As we’ve mentioned above, this scam attacks the US primarily, even though other countries may be infected too. When this happens, the entire desktop becomes inoperable. The keyboard is also disabled, and users cannot restore their system (unlock) it using the general methods. Thus, when they reboot the computer, the same locked status remains. Without hesitation, it is very scary to see such a fake warning that accuses you of committing many crimes online. But since you haven’t done anything like that, why should you worry? Moreover, once again we emphasize your attention to the fact that this warning has nothing to do with the DOJ.

Removal of the Department of Justice virus is possible when you download certain powerful security software and run full scan with it. But, first, you should undertake some manual steps that we’ve prepared for you and explained in the removal guide submitted below.

Department of Justice virus removal guide:


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