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Ad.yieldmanager is a special cookie developed by the company owned by Yahoo. It is not a virus. This is a special cookie file which is used for memorizing your preferences and browser habits. Regretfully, this legitimate file and its services are used by many adware applications as a method to display ads that would be relevant to your search queries. As a result, you might encounter a lot of ads originated by If you would like to get rid of them and stop encountering them in the future you may use this guide which will help you remove them all automatically. is integrated into plenty of adware applications. There are quite many of them, by the way. Adware programs are becoming more and more popular among software developers today, since this obviously brings good money to their owners. Many companies plan to promote their goods and services, and showing the ads related to them surely brings money to various adware programs that participate in such an online marketing plan.

If you’re being permanently annoyed by popup ads coming in front of you on a regular basis, it’s surely time for you to get rid of them. We recommend you to do it automatically by following the uninstall instructions set forth below.

Removal tool for adware:

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